Thursday, March 25, 2021

Off Season

It is technically the off-season for farmers right now. They are not in the fields at the moment to plant or to harvest. They spend most of the winter in the shop working on various things around the farm and getting things ready for springtime. I have always wondered when do farmers go to the doctor? If you do tell them they should go see a doctor they always quickly reply with the famous saying their pain is a long way from the heart or I’ll just rub some dirt on it. Farmers are always waiting until the last possible minute to head to the doctor or they just avoid it all entirely. However, when it comes to their machinery they will never miss a check-up on that. Even with a little minor hiccup or error code they immediately send it to the “doctors” to get checked out. That office appointment is made in their own shop or at the dealers.

They pull it straight into the shop and put it on the operating table. Meaning the hood is popped up and the toolbox is right at the farmer’s side, ready to be used at any moment. Farmers also make sure their machinery attends every regular check up. Meaning always checking or changing the oil or having a tire appointment to change the tires. Right now spring machinery is in the shop getting checked up on making sure everything is ready come go time.

Next time you have a farmer that doesn’t want to go to the doctor or uses the line it’s a long way from the heart. Remind them of their machinery check-up. Ask them if their tractor had a low back tire would they still just say well it’s a long way from the engine so don’t worry about it? Or would they take it to the doctor’s office, the farm shop, to get fixed?

Good luck, getting your farmer to the doctor for a tune-up, but maybe after reading this it will be easier. However, I hope all of our farmers stay happy and healthy because spring is almost knocking on our door and we must be ready to go.

- Kesley Holdgrafer

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