Thursday, February 11, 2021


A couple weeks ago I was filling out a questionnaire sheet for senior year. Most of the questions were pretty simple such as your favorite color, food, and so on. However one specific question stopped me in my tracks. It really made me think. The question was if I could have dinner with any three people past or present who would they be? I spent hours just looking at this question and thinking. The possibilities were endless. Then I thought what if I were to do a farm version of this question. I know right away the three people I would want to have dinner with.

I would sit down with three different generations of farmers. I think it would be amazing to talk to them and hear all their stories. We all know farmers can tell great stories! I would also love to get the chance to tell them about how much the industry has changed. Especially how much technology has impacted the everyday decisions we make. I would show them pictures taken with drones from the sky giving them an overview of their farms and the high tech yield graphs that clearly show wet spots in the field. Then I would love to see their jaw drop when I tell them how much machinery costs and watch it drop even further when I tell them how much good land sells for.

Each generation is so completely different. The ag industry and the world keep evolving with every year. My dad recently experienced just how different generations are last week when he went to get a new cell phone. The lady at the store asked him a simple question. What do you use your phone for? My dad was baffled at the question and answered pretty snarly, to make phone calls. What else could you possibly use a phone for? My dad only uses his phone to call people. However, the new younger generations use their phone for everything and rarely make a phone call at all. They may use their phone to take pictures, get on social media, promote a business, read books, watch movies, and so much more. Every generation is different and continues to change the way we view the world, especially in the ag industry. That is why if given the chance, I would sit down with three farmers, from different generations.

That leaves me with one question. Who would you pick? If you could have dinner with any three people, past or present who would they be? It’s a thought provoking question to answer!

~ Kesley Holdgrafer

Friday, February 5, 2021


It’s my favorite week of the whole year! I am super excited for my birthday on Valentine’s Day and with it being such a short month, I think it is appropriate to celebrate pretty much every day! The month of February is always decorated with hearts and I always think it’s just for me! I will turn eighteen on February 14th and will finally be considered an adult. This is fitting because I have been really busy doing adult things lately, like finishing up farm records, getting ready to file my first taxes, and filling out college scholarship applications. Also while thinking about hearts for Valentines Day, it got me thinking about just how important a heart actually is.

Growing up, I watched my dad give his whole heart to agriculture. It takes a true love for agriculture to feed cattle in brutally cold temperatures. It takes heart to believe the grain markets will turn around or the rain will come to make a crop. It takes heart to be a farmer. It takes heart to feed the world.

When I was in Clover Kids I got the opportunity to raise my first bottle calf. I gave my whole heart to my first calf. Since then I have raised multiple calves each year and have loved every one immensely. I have realized I love agriculture. It is in my blood, pumping from my heart.

I am also no stranger to heart problems. My little brother was born with a heart condition and has had numerous procedures and medications over the years to control his extremely high heart rates. It took great faith in new advanced medical practices to believe in the high tech cath lab ablation procedure to fix his heart when he was only 4 years old. I’m happy to say he has been heart-healthy ever since.

It was also a heart attack that took the life of two of my uncles, both at the age of 50, one of which was my godfather. Watching my family go through the shock of losing them so suddenly at such young ages taught me to live everyday to the fullest and to always follow my heart.

Our hearts are extremely important. They are what show our passion. They allow us to follow our dreams. Most importantly it takes a healthy heart in order to accomplish all of that. I hope you all have a Happy Valentine’s Day and that you spend my favorite day doing what you love! 
 ~ Kesley Holdgrafer