Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Change is Good

For some people change is bad. Most people like to keep everything the same. However with the crazy times we are living in right now, nothing is the same. The way we go about our everyday life is changing. We have even gotten much better at accepting these changes. Farmers have always been good at adapting to various situations and they know that plans can easily change in an instant. I think it is because farmer plans tend to revolve around the weather and we all know how fast an Iowa forecast can change!

This past week I had to adapt to change because my plans changed within a moment's notice. I was on my way to Oklahoma in the Cedar Rapids airport when my flight got cancelled. It was a crazy day. I had to quickly change airlines and airports. I was headed to the Cattlemen’s Congress, which was actually a change in venue for the Denver National Western Stock Show. Even locally, we have had to adapt to change. The pandemic is not allowing big gatherings, so the Clinton County Cattlemen will change their agenda as well. Their usual steak dinner banquet with an auction is now a drive thru ribeye meal.

Farmers have learned how to make changes on the go and many are used to it, however they haven’t accepted other things that need to change. Farmers usually dislike new clothes. They stick to their original uniform; plaid shirts, jeans, and boots. It’s never a good day when their favorite work boots have been discontinued and they must break in a new style, especially if their new boots give them a blister! Which reminds me, that’s my new nickname. When I got home from Oklahoma, I quickly changed my clothes and headed out to the cattle yard. My brothers were working some new cattle they just bought. As soon as I got in the yard, Brad was letting a calf out of the chute as he hollered, “Hello Blister!” I must’ve looked confused as he quickly explained, “You always show up when the work is done!” I would really like to change my new nickname but I must admit it was funny and I was really glad it was the last calf! 

~Kesley Holdgrafer


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