Tuesday, November 3, 2020

12 Days of Harvest

At school, we are often shown in many different ways how to learn. My favorite way is through a song. What better way to learn about what’s been going on during the 2020 harvest season than in a rhythmic melody. Also in honor of the unwanted snowfall last week, I figured it would make sense if the song was Christmas themed. With that being said, don’t be shy and sing along as you read!

The 12 Days of Harvest: On the 12th day of harvest, harvest season gave to me, 12 rows a harvesting, 11 broken sickle sections, 10 snacks already eaten, 9 broken guards, 8 missed calls from dad, 7 empty pop bottles, 6 forecast changes, 5 more partsss runssss, 4 busted snoots, 3 inches of snow, 2 belts a slipping, and only going 1 mile per hour due to down corn!

As you can tell from my silly song, the 2020 harvest season has been one for the books. However each year I feel like we say this year's harvest is totally crazy, hectic, and different. And each year, farmers still love being in the fields. No matter what the situation is in the field or with the weather, farmers simply love harvest. There is nowhere else they would rather be than in the combine seat. During fall that seat is their new temporary home. Thank you farmers for everything you do! I hope the rest of the harvest season goes smoothly and safely!

 ~ Kesley Holdgrafer


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